Suitable for processing shaft parts with length less than 1m, for small parts processing, technology research, and development in scientific research institutes. Adopt closed structure, safe and beautiful, optional integration of different types of the online monitoring system, inner wall laser melting optical head, Etc.

Load capacity 500 kg

Maximum of 500 kg parts

for EHLA

Efficient powder feeding nozzle

High-precision convergence Powder flow

Full-channel water-cooled design

Energy efficiency

Efficient use of resources

Environment friendly.

The standard components

Use industry-proven standards parts

low & zero maintenance

Modular construction

A plurality of clamping solutions,

Online monitoring module expansion optional.

Powerful operation software

Powerful Operation, Easy user interface

Quickly generate a walking path

▏External cladding series [ECS]

Machine types Maximum load Parts with a maximum diameter A parts maximum length Maximum speed
●250 kg
● Φ200 mm
●500 mm
●500 U/min
●500 kg
● Φ300 mm
●1,000 mm
●500 U/min

○Optional features ●standard

在线测厚 Online temperature measurement Anti-collision Powder fast switching
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