High power laser welding

          Laser welding technology with low heat input, low distortion, high efficiency and other significant advantages, has been widely used in modern industrial production, including the automotive, rail, energy, aerospace, steel, electronics and other industries. New high-power high-brightness laser of Advent, the beam forming technology of rapid development, so that the current of the laser welding techniques appear more diversified development.

Technology and procedure

         Laser welding can be used in continuous, pulse energy output, according to energy density, laser welding into the laser heat conduction welding and laser deep welding two modes. Typically, the laser energy density is less than 10^4~10^5 W/cm² of heat conduction welding, the laser incident energy density is low, the workpiece absorption of energy is insufficient to make the metal vaporization, only melting occurs, then the metal melted by the laser radiation absorption and heat conduction is carried out. Since there is no steam pressure, the heat flux when the melt depth is generally shallower. The laser energy density is greater than 10^5~10^7 W/cm2 for deep penetration welding, the energy density level of the laser in a very short period of time so that the heating area of the metal vaporization, resulting in the liquid melt pool formed in a small hole, called the spoon holes. The beam can be directly into the keyhole inside, through the keyhole of heat transfer, obtain a greater Weld depth. With conventional arc welding methods compared to laser welding characteristics:

• High energy density, the Weld depth to width ratio

• The welding deformation is small

• Welding speed, high efficiency

• Energy precisely adjustable

• Weldable materials widely, can also be welded dissimilar materials

• The beam can be according to the need for customized design

▏Technical advantages

• Laser-arc hybrid welding: a thick plate of high efficient welding

• Swing beam welding: the welding material, dissimilar material welding

• Low vacuum laser welding: high quality, high efficient welding

• Multiple Weld member low distortion welding: a complex welding path automatic identification and planning

• Process monitoring: the melt pool morphology, temperature, light reflected real-time monitoring of the welding seam automatic tracking

• Material: steel, Nickel, titanium, aluminum, dissimilar materials, etc.

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The vehicle body around the laser-screw welding

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