For processing large and heavy parts with a length over 10m. Open structure for easy parts loading and unloading, with optional integration of different online monitoring systems.

Load capacity 10000 kg

Can be for a maximum of 10,000 kg to be machined parts

for EHLA

Efficient powder feeding nozzle

High-precision convergence Powder flow

Full-channel water-cooled design

Energy efficiency

Efficient use of resources

Environment friendly.

The standard components

Use industry-proven standards parts

low & zero maintenance

Modular construction

A plurality of clamping solutions, online monitoring module

Expand optional.

Powerful operation software

Powerful Operation, Easy user interface

Quickly generate a walking path.

▏External cladding series [ECS]


5,000 kg

10,000 mm


10,000 kg

20,000 mm

Machine types Maximum load Parts with a maximum diameter A parts maximum length Maximum speed
●5,000 kg
● Φ1000 mm
●10,000 mm
● 300 U/min
●10,000 kg
● Φ1000 mm
●20,000 mm
● 300 U/min
Online side thick Online temperature measurement Anti-collision Powder fast switching

○Optional features ●standard

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