Construction Machinery

▏Needs of the industry

        Construction machinery, including lifting machinery, earthmoving machinery, transportation machinery, concrete machinery, railroad maintenance machinery, and many other types, in critical, parts are required to wear-resistant coating preparation to improve service life, in coastal or wet environment service also need to consider the corrosion resistance of the equipment. A long-term harsh working environment is straightforward to cause damage to various types of equipment components, such as peeling, peeling, cracking, impact, corrosion, wear, and so on. Therefore, maintenance costs remain high when engineering machinery and equipment and its members need regular maintenance or repair, repair, and maintenance workload. At present, most of the engineering machinery and equipment parts are prepared by electroplating, thermal spraying, and other methods for surface coating, which have limitations such as pollution, low bond strength, and short service life to varying degrees. Efficient, high-performance surface engineering technology, remanufacturing repair technology, and connection technology have excellent construction machinery application prospects.

▏Laser Solutions

• Laser solutions: EHLA

For the preparation of wear and corrosion resistant coatings on the surface of hydraulic cylinders, piston rods, columns, and other shaft parts of different sizes, laser cladding technology showed its unique advantages due to low heat input and small deformation.

• Inner Laser Cladding

For the preparation of wear-resistant hard coating, scour-resistant or corrosion-resistant coating on the inner wall of cylinder-type parts, and the rapid repair of local defects on the inner surface.

• Conventional laser cladding repair

Laser repair is used for damaged parts or manufactures functional coating on the surface of new features, such as wear-resistant liner, cylinder body, connecting parts assembly surface, valve cone valve seat repair, Etc.

▏Laser Application Cases

• EHLA for construction machinery piston rod

          Piston rod is a connecting part to support the piston to do work, mostly applied in the cylinder, cylinder motion execution parts, is a frequent motion transmission parts. Take hydraulic cylinder as an example, most of its piston rod surface is smashed or scratched and caused by plating loss, or even oil leakage, resulting in serious surface rust and corrosion of the piston rod, thus affecting the normal work of the piston rod. The ultra-high speed laser cladding repair can achieve 0.8-1.2m²/hr (depending on the coating thickness) for the preparation of piston rod surface coating with a single layer thickness of 0.05-1mm. Because the heat input of the cladding process is small and the thermal impact on the workpiece is minimal, thin wall or large aspect ratio parts that cannot be applied by conventional laser cladding can be processed without distortion. Depending on the customer's application requirements, hard wear-resistant coatings of different materials such as cobalt-based, nickel-based and composite materials can be prepared on the surface of the parts, with a maximum hardness of HRC65 or higher and effective crack control.

• EHLA for mechanical pins

          Pins can be connected statically or in relative motion with the corresponding parts and are mainly used in the articulation of two parts to form a hinge connection. Once the pin fails due to wear, it can cause the working condition of the equipment parts to shake and even affect the direction of movement of the details. Therefore, the loss and failure of the pin mainly come from wear. Applying the ultra-high-speed laser cladding technology to the mechanical pin can effectively improve the hardness (HRC65 or more) and wear resistance of the pin surface, greatly extending the service life of the pin, reducing the possibility of a connection failure between equipment parts, and improving the efficiency of the equipment itself.

Mechanical pin ultra-high speed laser cladding

The piston rod super high speed laser cladding

Valve seat valve cone laser welding refresher cover

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