EHLA system

          ACunity ultra-high speed laser cladding Series model of the device can meet a variety of diameter, length of Shaft-type parts of the coating manufacture, fast repair applications. Powder feeding nozzle is ultra-high speed laser cladding technology is a core component of the cladding quality, efficiency, cost, etc. have a direct impact ACunity with the Fraunhofer ILT joint research, innovation, and the launch of a variety of specifications of the new type of nozzle, in the large-scale production is more effective to improve the production efficiency and service life. For all kinds of wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant and high temperature resistant coating preparation requirements, the establishment of a full process of the database. While providing customers with customized equipment integration and supporting the process of R & D services. 

•   换代新型喷嘴显著提高效率与使用寿命

•   多系列标准机型满足大部分工业应用需求

•   可集成熔池、温度、涂层厚度在线监测系统

•   熔覆效率 0.8-1.2m²/hr (取决涂层厚度)

•   适用涂层厚度0.05-1mm

•   熔覆后表面粗糙度可达Ra25μm

•   后续无需车削加工,可直接精磨或抛光

•   定制化内、外壁复合激光熔覆系统

EHLA system





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