Ultra high-speed laser cladding technology to a new height and a new journey

           In 2016 when the ultra high-speed laser cladding technology is still in the laboratory stage, Aachen joint technology companies as Fraunnofer ILT Hatch enterprise will be the first of its introduction to China. Taking market demand as the guide, around the powder material, the core member, the processing technology, the modular system equipment, before and after a subsequent process five modules to develop R & D strategies, constantly overcome the technical application of the difficulties, 2019 became the world's first implementation based on ultra-high speed laser cladding technology of large-scale production. Currently in the coal, iron and steel, petroleum, Marine and other fields to achieve a large amount of process validation, won the customer the consistent approval.

High efficiency, high powder utilization rate and smooth surface forming:

          With independent research and development of ultra-high speed laser cladding system as well as the core process know-how, so that the production efficiency of up to 0. 8~1. 6m2/h, the powder utilization rate of more than 95%. In the coal industry of the wide range of products such as: large diameter cylinder, a plunger, and a large length to diameter ratio goes, the balance of the piston rod, etc., to achieve a 24h continuous, stable, large-scale production. At the same time, through continuous optimization of the process, the coating surface roughness currently reached a Ra 25µm, the smooth surface can be directly subjected to the polishing process, compared to traditional car+grinding+polishing three times after treatment, the reduction of two machining processes, significantly reducing transport, machine and labor costs. The current ultra-high speed laser cladding technology in coal machine products surface coating field of the preparation of the market share is rising year by year, the technology maturity through the actual production of the test, is expected in the next 1~2 years of large-scale substitution plating and conventional cladding technology, to become one with the broad application prospect of laser green manufacturing technology.

  Low heat input:

          Ultra high-speed laser cladding technology in the ultra-high-speed, low-power role, has a very small line of energy, can achieve small melt pool coating cladding to the substrate of the heat affected is small, the heat-affected zone width of minimum control at 10µm or less, so the ultra-high speed laser cladding for small diameter and large length to diameter ratio of the workpiece has a lot of advantages. After the company's R & D personnel, Technical Research, ultra-high speed laser cladding technology in the Marine ships turbocharger shaft(φ10mm), as well as the engine balance shaft(φ70mm)and other high-precision product of the fix has been applied, after the restoration of the workpiece is almost no deformation, effectively prevent the size of the ultra-poor lead scrap, by remanufacturing for customers to save a lot of costs. Visible, ultra-high speed laser cladding technology in the ultra-precision, high value-added, the heat sensitive materials such as product repair market has immeasurable potential applications.

Low dilution rate, high performance:

          Ultra high-speed laser cladding technology in high-cooling speed, high condensation rate and a high overlap rate conditions, by regulating the coating tissue growth and phase precipitation, can achieve a uniform, fine, diffuse dense precipitation equal to the special organization of the structure, the coating performance can be adapted to a variety of complex conditions of use. On the other hand, ultra-high speed laser cladding technique for preparing the coating dilution rate can be controlled within 3%, effectively avoiding the substrate composition on the coating performance caused by“pollution”, and because of its metallurgical bonding characteristics, so that the coating possesses high bonding strength. Recently, Aachen joint technology company technical team through the optimization of the powder material composition, the establishment of organizations and the performance of the correlation, optimization of coating properties, the preparation can be adapted to high-temperature, high(alternating)stress and thermal stress of the reinforced coating, hardness up to HRC65 above, the steel roller, guide roller, guide plate and other products of the actually test, display coating wear life up to the original material of 6 times. The technology is also applicable to the Petroleum, Engineering Machinery Industry of all kinds of products, such as pump piston, wear-resistant sleeve, pin, engineering machinery piston rod, etc. Aachen joint technology company with a long-term accumulation of technology, has developed a superior multi for different industries and application conditions of the product manufacturing process and equipment, the future will also continue to adhere to the application is the guide of the technical innovation, the establishment of industry R & D Alliance to accelerate the advanced technology of the outcome of the conversion speed, quickly and accurately research and development of new products, new processes, the marked customer needs. We very much look forward to more business partners to join, a total of plastic innovation, the mining laser manufacturing of unlimited potential.


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