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The Yangtze River Delta region/Northwest region

Sales Manager ▏2 people

Requirements: three or more years of the same type machinery sales experience, engaged in engineering machinery piston rod class, Injection Molding, Die-Casting class sales priority

Sales engineer(fresh) ▏2 people

Requirements: engineering related professional


Art class


R & D Engineer ▏2 people

Requirements: Master degree of priority, the material related to professional

Mechanical engineer ▏1 person

Requirements: Mechanical, Electrical or material processing related professional undergraduate education, there are CNC machine tools such equipment overall design experience preferred

Laser cladding engineer ▏3-6 people

Requirements: material machining or mechanical related professional

Resume channel


2, can be through the“recruitment”search Aachen Joint Science and technology Tianjin Co., Ltd., find relevant posts directly delivery;

Contact: Ms. Yang, Tel: 022-65837879

Company address: Tianjin development zone Ninth Street No. 80, Feng Hua yuan factory building, phase II 4 Factory, No.

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